Colonic Irrigation         Susan Cox M.A.R.C.H and Jill Bygraves M.A.R.C.H

Our lifestyles today can create stress and strain on our digestive system which can lead to serious conditions in some people and fatigue and sluggishness in many others. Colonic Irrigation is a treatment which gently cleanses the bowel, leaving the patient feeling clean, revitalised and well.

The benefits are many. Firstly to remove any toxic build up which can be caused over time by pollutants, medications, food additives and allergens. In cases of constipation it not only cleanses the colon but exercises and stimulates the colon wall encouraging peristalsis. Peristalsis is the muscle movement which causes the movement of faecal matter. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is helped by the gentle removal of the irritants which cause the condition resulting in a lessening of symptoms. Bloating can also be helped by  the removal of gas in the colon and by advice on diet after treatment.

Before your treatment you will be given a questionnaire to complete and your practitioner will go through it with you and explain in detail the procedure before you both decide to go ahead with the treatment.

Warm filtered water is introduced slowly into your colon to cleanse and exercise the colon wall. The procedure lasts between thirty and forty five minutes and the total appointment usually takes an hour and a half. The treatment is generally felt to be gentle and relaxing.

At the end of the treatment your practitioner will discuss the results with you and make recommendations on both diet and lifestyle which may help alleviate any problems you have. Probiotics may be suggested to promote the good bacteria in the colon if it is felt to be necessary. Normally the bacteria will re-establish within twenty four hours unless there is an underlying condition such as candida. This can normally be detected at the time of the colonic.

Both our practitioners are registered and qualified with the Association of Colonic Hydrotherapists ( ) and both have a background in nursing and have worked in traditional and complimentary medicine, including acupuncture and cytology.